Move to Lille

Move to Lille : Take this great opportunity to live in one of the most Dynamic French ‘s city.

Lille in the Fourth French city

Known for its warm atmosphere,

To explore Lille is a city on a human scale, you can easily cross the city in less than 30 min. The city is divided into several districts whose eclectic ambiances give the city this reputation of dynamics.

Lille is the third student city in France, so the population is young. European capital of culture, the mayor has managed to ride this cultural momentum to make the city a city constantly bubbling cultural.


Lille is in a ranking of the fourteen coolest cities in France, according to the average age of the inhabitants, the price of public transport, the number of cinema seats, the rate of singles or still .. of the price of beer! Lille comes first.
Lille took first place on the podium ahead of Dijon and Montpellier … far ahead of Paris, which is in the fourteenth and last row of this list.
The big sell-off of Lille, the carnival of Dunkerque or the market of Wazemmes are all events that animate the city every year and which brings together the inhabitants and their fervor always appreciated.

The city is known for its friendliness and the warmth of its people.
The people of Lille like to party and meet people.
It is not uncommon to go for a drink in a bar, sit on a table already occupied and finish the evening arm in arm with his neighbors table.
Do not be afraid to ask for directions on the street, most people will respond with a smile.

The culture in Lille is omnipresent.
Since its nomination as European Capital of Culture in 2004, the city has become a benchmark in terms of cultural dynamism in Europe.
Houses of culture have been created in old renovated buildings; Lille3000 is a continuation of Lille2004 by organizing, every 3 years, a cultural year on a defined theme.

Perfect for family

The old town, the citadel, the zoo, Lille snow, Lille beach … nothing is missing in Lille to please both young and old, and all year long! In addition, the city offers many solutions and a good welcome for children with many creches, nurseries and cultural activities (music, reading, creative, etc.).

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