The constitution and the follow-up of your Help Mobili Pass® file. AIDE MOBILI-PASS® is a subsidy granted within the limits of actual expenses. committed up to a maximum of € 2200 to finance support costs in search of rental housing provided by a mobility provider, within 6 months of hiring or change of place of work. WHO CAN BENEFIT ? Employees of private non-agricultural enterprises (10 or more employees) holding a permanent or temporary job held, hired or when they change their place of work within the same company or when they are sent for training as part of a job a plan to safeguard employment, to change housing or to have a second one. AWARD CRITERIA The minimum distance between old and new accommodation must be at least 70 km. MOBILI-PASS® assistance can only be granted once every two years (starting point: the effective date of hiring or transfer). The application must be submitted within six months of the hiring or change of workplace duly justified. Reference household tax income below the PLI resource cap.