Find a flat in France

Find a Home in France can be a true journey of the fighter.

Here are some advices :

  • Gather all documents necessary for the constitution of a ” renting file “
  • Be presentable and smiling, indeed, in order to convince the landlord to accept you as a futur tenant.
  • Show persuasion regarding your solvency.
  • Be patient, the concurrence is rough

To find a flat in France, the landlords usually require :

  • A long term working contract ( called CDI )
  • No probation
  • A French guarantor ( with French income taxes )
  • Your 3 last rent receipt
  • The 3 last payslips
  • Your 2 last income taxes
  • A copy of the ID

They can require also other documents , though, NEVER send any documents before visiting the flat!

The different working contracts :

In France, there are 3 different major  types of working contracts :

CDI : unlimited contract

CDD : Short time contract ( with limited time )

Intérim : Temporary contract ( short missions contracts)

Most of the contracts start with a CDD, to be continued in CDI, after a period of time.

Usually, if the worker is employed in CDI directly, the company give a probation period to try the candidate.

The guarantors :

The guarantor is usually someone from the family ( usually the parents ) who will pay for the tenant, in case the tenant don’t pay the rent.
The guarantor must  have a salary higher than 3 time the rent.