Lille is a city divided in several districts with distincts vibes and atmospheres.

Lille is divided into several districts, the main neighborhoods enjoy different specificities. 

The center of Lille :

Of course, the center includes the main square, the train station and its surroundings going up to République beaux arts and the beginning of Vauban. Therefore, the price for rent in M2 is 16 euros per square meters. It is a population rather of young active, offices or trade.

Le Vieux Lille:

Old town is the chic district of Lille. Luxury shops, paved and beautiful building, the old Lille is not accessible directly by the metro, it is preferred families and thirties.It is a fairly quiet area where it is good to walk on Sundays.


Along the old town, is quartier VaubanVauban stretches all over the western part of the city.Vauban is sublimated by the park of the citadel, the green lung of the city. Vauban is the student district.Nearby, you can visit the beautiful university of “La Catho ” with a lovely bricks architecture.

Indeed,It is a dynamic and very extensive district. It empties progressively of its inhabitants in summer, to become again a broth of youth in September.

Wazemmes is a booming neighborhood.Also Located in the center of the city, it is in transition. He holds a certain cosmopolitan charm. It’s a very lively neighborhood where old-fashioned old bars mix with new hipster concepts. Sunday is the largest market in the city: the Wazemmes market. Mix of scents from the Middle East and Asian spices, cheap shoes and roast chicken, it is a meeting point of the young Lille, waking up sweetly from a Saturday night a little too watered to Local beer.
Popular neighborhoods, they offer the best prices in the real estate market,
Despite a somewhat sulphurous reputation, these neighborhoods benefit from a certain gentrification.
Cultural and associative places have emerged to give a new life to the neighborhoods.
is the district of the station Lille Europe.
Currently, It is a family district between two lines of metros. Also, here, beautiful houses of master art deco sport the alleys, of this district follows a “small village” atmosphere .Though, the district is a little off-center, but close to the train station and the highway, the prices are still reasonable. 
Bois Blanc:

Little known in the past, this district has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. Indeed, adjacent to the Vauban park, between two canals, it is a district which was rekindled by the arrival of the “Euratechnolgie” hive of companies, which has led many young workers to live in the district.